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Totspot: The App Review

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Well, have I got a new one for you guys! I know I have been going on about the Poshmark app lately, but it isn’t the only one that I use to keep my house clutter-free. In fact, I’ve been using Totspot for about three years and let me tell you that this app has made me some money. Here is my Totspot review…the city

Now, my little family and I currently reside in an apartment complex. For those of you who have lived in one or currently do, you know that we are not allowed to have yard sales or anything of this nature. Typically, we tend to get frustrated with the limited amount of space of an apartment, but we deal with it because it is, after all, temporary. But let’s face it, my kids are not going to stop growing and wait for a house! Thus, getting rid of outgrown clothes and organizing their closet was beginning to be a problem and I needed a solution fast!

I came across Totspot one day when I was in the Apple App Store searching for other apps like Poshmark, but for children clothing. I figured someone might’ve already come up with one. The first one that popped up was Totspot. I Elephant_reddownloaded it to my smartphone and came to find out that it had the same basic ideas as Poshmark. I found the familiarity convenient. At that time, though, the app was pretty new by like 5 months, so some improvement was needed. Needless to say, Totspot has in fact, improved by a lot these past few years. Thus, I thought it was time to write a little bit about what Totspot is, what I think about it, and how it can be something you should consider.

What is Totspot?ad_13

  • Totspot is an app that you can download to your smartphone and tablet.
  • This app allows you to shop and sell your family’s clothing, shoes, and accessories. (Although it initially started with the focus of children’s clothing, they have now started allowing men and women’s clothing as well.)
  • It is available for both IOS and Android.

My review:

Reviews are based on a 5 point scale. Use_(1)

Ease of Use

I can truly say that the app is fairly easy to use. In my opinion, it is user-friendly. The overall navigation system is a no-brainer. You can easily access the five things that you would like to do with the app: Shop, explore Shows, Sell, view your Alerts, and access your profile (Me). All of this is located on the bar at the very bottom which is visible as soon as you open your app.


The app does a good job of providing everything you need to make your experience productive.

  • Shop: It allows you to shop for items according to size, brand, gender, price range, condition, category, and items you have previously liked. Shopping under the Shows tab also helps you browse items according to a show theme like Valentine’s Day or Winter Play (seasonal clothing).
  • Sell: You can easily sell items by simply clicking on the Sell button which immediately opens your device’s camera to take a photo of what you want to sell. With this open, you can also access your Photos from your device and upload them to the app. You can upload up to 5 photos per listing.
  • Connect: Finding friends and family members is also fairly simple. The app gives you the option to invite people from your device’s contact list, or from your Facebook account. To find other people who already have Totspot, they have a list of suggested closets you can browse and follow.
  • Notifications: The app allows you to see the current Alerts you have. You have the option to view all of your notifications, or see only
    • purchases (includes what you have bought and sold with order tracking updates)
    • comments
  • Account: You can also manage your profile and account under the Me tab. Here you will find additional resources to customize your profile and closet, manage items & orders, see your account information such as your stats, payment method, shipping/billing address, and other settings.


I really like how I can customize my closet profile in this app; both to shop and sell.

As I mentioned before, the app has the capability of letting you browse according to certain categories. But what  I really like is that I can also create a Style Profile in which I can add family members’ size, gender, name, age, and shoe size. After setting them up, the style profiles are visible at the top bar when I click on the Shop tab at the bottom of the app. This makes it easy for me to shop for specific family members separately; like my son or my daughter.

Another thing that you can customize is your seller profile. You have the ability to customize Bundle Settings which is basically the discount you give when buyers purchase multiple items. For example, you can set your bundle discount to anything from 5% to 80% off on anywhere from 2 to 10 items. Potential buyers will be able to see this banner in blue at the top of your closet.


I think that Totspot’s customer service has proven to be very helpful and responsive in my time of need. There have been cases in wich I don’t receive the shipping labels in my email, but Totspot has so far responded very quickly about this issue. Their process of support goes through email exchanges. The first email they send is an automated email of your issue being reviewed. Shortly after that, you receive email support through a real person that you can conversate with.

A FAQs page is also available in the app which helps answer most of your questions about how to use Totspot and other frequently asked questions. This is located next to the Terms and Privacy links at the very bottom of your Me tab, or you can access the Totspot Tips & Tricks information tab at the very top.

Under support, I would also like to mention that Totspot offers a nice concierge service which is a consignment program. This service allows you to order bags shipped to your home. With the concierge service , you can ship your clothes and have Totspot do all the photo and selling work for you. You can access this and more information on Totspot concierge under either the FAQs link or the Totspot Tips & Tricks.


The convenience of this app is pretty high for me. Although Totspot is not the only option for selling my children’s clothes, I know that it is very helpful. Living in an apartment really makes things hard from me to sell things we no longer use or have space for. Some people know someone with a house they can borrow their yard or garage, but I don’t. Craigslist and Ebay are other ways to put things up for sale, but the style of Totspot is so much better (and a whole lot more fun). The best convenience of this app is that I am able to manage my “store” on the go; wherever I am (as long as I have internet signal).

Total Stars Earned: 5 Stars!!Untitled design(5)


Of course, the reason why I started using Totspot was to make room in my kids’ closets. No joke, their room is just overflowing with toys (no matter how much I seem to donate). Now imagine their closet! It isn’t like I go buying all their clothes; not all of it at least. In fact, we all know that some or most of their clothes comes from grandma, auntie, and sometimes hand-me-downs from their other cousins. The truth is that they have more clothes than my husband and I do, and if we sewed them together we could make a house. Ok, just kidding. Overall, I am really enjoying this app as much as I enjoy Poshmark. I’m making money out of my children’s outgrown clothes, there are themed shows, I’m meeting new people, and above all, I am making room in my closets. What’s not to love about this app?

Do you recommend Totspot?

Absolutely! I joined Totspot the way I joined other apps that allow you to sell, but unlike most that I deleted, Totspot is on both my smartphone and tablet to stay. Here’s why:

  1. I’m turning my kids’ outgrown clothes to cash.
  2. I can also sell my husband’s clothes; something I cannot do on Poshmark.
  3. I love how their customer service is prompt and issues are resolved quickly.
  4. I’m decluttering my home.
  5. I’m enjoying the community relationships I’m building.

If this is not enough, then I don’t know what is.


Think you want to give it a try? Great! When you sign up, enter code JVMKEW and receive a $5 credit to your Totspot account! That’s right, $5 for free!JVMKEW

Are you currently a Totspot member? What are your thoughts? I’d really love to hear them so leave your comments below to help others get started!


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