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Southwest photography

5 Clear-Framed Glasses You’ll Love

Looking for a new pair of glasses? Want to try something new and cool? Well, its no secret that Warby Parker has been releasing some really great styles that I am loving. Some of these styles that I will be sharing with you today are clear-framed. I really liking transparent frames these days because they go with anything like black frames, but these are softer on your face.

DIY toddler photography

DIY White Backdrop Toddler Photography

As parents, we know how expensive it can get to get your hands on some decent portraits of our children as they’re growing up. There’s also the fact that our children grow up so fast. Well, if you’re anything like me (on a budget or otherwise, poor), here’s an idea that doesn’t drain your account: DIY white backdrop photography!DIY toddler photography!

Do It For the Process

I was talking with one of my most encouraging friends, about my creative process and how it has been a challenge for me to really push myself and try new things. I feel like I have so many people depending on me, and while I’m thankful for each and every one of them, it is hard to push my own boundaries when there’s a very big possibility for failure. But why is failure ugly? If failing results in growth then why am I shamed of it? I remember visiting the Columbus Museum of Art a few years ago and seeing works from Rembrandt’s sketchbook that I’m pretty darn sure he did not think they were his best pieces – certainly not finished or refined! But the process, the way the ideas unfolded so organically in those drawings, was just as beautiful as the masterpieces hanging a few feet away.  And, as a young artist, struggling with my own book of messy scribbles, they were WAY more encouraging. While I am a million paintings away from Rembrandt’s skill,…