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Homemade Mexican Chicken Soup Caldo de Pollo Mexicano

Homemade Mexican Chicken Soup Recipe

But then there’s nothing better than medicine like supercharged soups that heal the body and soothe the soul; just like mom’s and grandma’s. So, today I’m going to be sharing with you a delicious comfort soup for when you are sick, or someone you love is sick. My mom made this for us all the time whether we were sick or not because it was the only way that we would eat our vegetables without whining. Now let me tell you that I am not an expert in the kitchen, but I CAN make this! This is Mexican style chicken soup, or as I know it in Spanish, Caldo de Pollo. When I was young, I would help grandma and mom make this soup. I guess you could say that this is how I learned how to chop vegetables as we sat down together, peeled and chopped vegetables, and chit-chatted with laughter.